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  1. Thanks for sharing this Sonya. For me personally, I tend to neglect self care even though I know it’s important.

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

    1. Neglecting ourselves tends to be the norm, especially for moms. Hope you can use some of these tips to take some time for yourself Christene.

  2. Great suggestions, Sonya! I used my lavender heating pads the other night, and just the aroma started putting me to sleep. I want to get a diffuser, though! Also, I’ve used the Headspace app, and it’s great. My old consulting firm actually pays for all of their consultants to have it now.

    1. Thank you Crissy. That is awesome that your old company pays for that app, shows they really care about their employees.Hope you find a diffuser to use.

  3. Great post, Sonya… Love the book recommendations… those authors a couple of my faves! Using Mrs. Meyers peony fragranced dish soap always makes me feel good. I always think I’m getting some aromatherapy when I do the dishes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw thank you Julie, I love those books as well as the authors. I have not smelled the peony soap, need to check that out as peonies are my very favorite.

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