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  1. What a joy to see your wonderful home with all. your “finds”. Turns a house into a home.
    I went thrifting this week and bought a 8 piece silverplate set with all the pieces for $10.00, 2 large cast iron pots for $22.00 each (very heavy with extremely heavy lids, If you know of anyone who really knows how to restore cast iron, please let me know. Moroccan style shelf which I will paint matte black for $9.00, a gold painted lamp base for $9.00 (mid century modern looking) and the shade $1.00, pretty box $1.50
    BUT I really want is the darling kitchen counter piece for $125.00 and a burl wood chest of drawers for $100.00.
    My favorite places to shop in this area are DAV stores and Seton House thrift stores.
    You are so blessed to have your community of friends to share, laugh and listen.

    1. Hi Diana, sounds like you have found some amazing pieces. I hope you find those pieces you really want. Thanks for sharing your favorite places to shop in your area.

    2. Diana thank you so much. It sounds like you found some amazing things out thrifting. Cast iron pots are so awesome and I will keep an eye out for anyone that may restore them. Thank you so much for being here and Happy holidays.

  2. Good gracious, Sonya–you have found some amazing things! I think that mirror is my favorite, but it’s hard to choose with all those gorgeous pieces! Love it all! xo, Kristi

    1. Thanks so much. I have been lucky to find some amazing pieces and that mirror has to be one of my favorites. I got that before she painted it and I am so glad because I think it is perfect as is.

  3. Love all the cool things you found Sonya! The best are always the ones you find in the trash am I right? I’m so glad you came thrifting with us this month! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Stacy. I have found some amazing things out by the trash. I am so happy you all invited me to participate, it was a lot of fun.

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