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  1. I love this post, Sonya! As I lugged all of my Christmas decorations out today, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” we’ve accumulated. I’d love to look for ways to scale back next year like you have. Just today, I was also thinking about how I need to donate many things my kids have outgrown or no longer use. Thanks for this sweet post.

    1. Thanks so much Crissy, that is exactly how I was feeling a few years ago. Since getting rid of the excess holiday decor I feel less stressed about the decorating aspect of Christmas.

  2. Michelle thank you. There are so many important lessons we could all learn this time of year. I appreciate you stopping by.

  3. Great post, Sonya! All these wonderful tips for adding Christmas touches are so easy, too! Thanks for the shout out, sweet friend! Hugs!

  4. I have been working on finding the simpler side of Christmas myself, Sonya! Thank you for all the great tips on adding the special touches for Christmas. And a big thank you for featuring my Holiday Stovetop Simmer!

    1. Kim thanks so much for stopping by and you are so welcome. Hoping you find the simpler side this year.

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