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  1. I have never heard of baking ammonia! I’m going to google this to see what it does to the cookies! Pinning!

    1. Hi Julie. when I first started making these cookies it took me forever to find the baking ammonia which acts as a leavening agent. My family lives in West Virginia and they would find it at many country stores but I was unable to find any where I live. I could not even find anyone who had ever heard of it around here. These cookies are so light and tasty.

    1. Sorry that freaked you out Marissa. These cookies are so good and light. If you do make them just know that the baking ammonia does smell strong but after it is cooked has no scent at all other than lemon.

  2. Hi Sonya! I have never heard of baking ammonia. Very interesting! I’ll have to try these. I feel like recipes from grandmothers are just the BEST!

    1. Hi Crissy, it is funny that not many people have heard of baking ammonia, My grandmother made them alot during the holidays, I think they are originally a German cookie. If you make them I hope you enjoy them and I totally agree about grandmothers recipes being the best.

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