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  1. Her art is outstanding! My sister and brother-in-law live in Palo Alto. I’ll have to see if they recognize the nature preserve.

    1. Hi Paula, that is so awesome. I have never been there but loved this piece so much since it reminds me of home here at the coast.

  2. I love the harbor scene with the boats. She’s quite good! Would love to hear what she wrote about your piece!

    1. Hi Julie me to. On mine she wrote , “that she was at the Palo Alto Baylands nature preserve that is home to many migratory birds. It was a warm day and the sun kept peeking through the clouds.” She wrote a few other points but that part really helped me feel like I could feel what it was like to be there. I just love that.

  3. Wow!! She is incredibly talented. Thank you so much for sharing this! Happy Holidays!

  4. What a wonderful gift idea! She’s a really talented artist!

    1. Thank you Anne, she is so talented and I thought something meaningful this Christmas would be perfect.

  5. These pieces are stunning ♥️? the artist is so talented

    1. Hi Michelle you are so welcome. I think you will enjoy following along with her and her beautiful art.

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