Hello – my very first post and facing fears

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Hello there and welcome to my first post on this blog; I am so glad you are here! This is a place where I hope that you find something that inspires and encourages you in your faith, family and home.

My post will offer you insight into the everyday adventures in  my faith journey, the joys and struggles of raising a special needs child and two teenagers, as well as  my love for DIY and decorating, photography and eveything else in between.

Starting this blog has been something that I have thought about doing for over a year,  but have let fear of rejection, failure and the unknown hold me back.

While doing some research on how to start a blog I came across something from Mandi McGee  and her Simple Web Starter series, and it was just what I needed to get started.  I have to give her the credit for teaching me how to go about setting up this blog all on my own and in that,  giving me the confidence to write this blog post.

Completeting the Simple Web Starter series  has helped me see that I am living in fear and letting that hold me back from many things. Fear holds us back from trying new things as well as doing things we love.  So I am jumping in head first and facing some of those fears. 

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As I begin this journey of blogging and  putting myself out there for all to see, I am reminded of this scripture:

” For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.”

Timothy 1:7 (ASV)

This is a great reminder that we, ( you and I) were not created to be fearful, but to live out our lives in love and confidence, and to hold tight to his word. I hope that today you will choose to do one thing to face a fear of your own.  I woud love for you to leave me a comment about what your fears are and how you are facing them!







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