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  1. Good tips Sonya, amazing how a rug can set the mood and personality for a room. We replaced ours in our family room last year and it was the best design change I could have made.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle. It is amazing how a rug can change a room, makes the choice even harder I think.

  2. I wish I’d had this when I was in the market for a new area rug! It’s a tough decision! Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Crissy, I know just how hard it is to decide on a rug especially if ordering online. Your welcome and thanks for stopping by the blog.

  3. Great tips! Rugs USA is one of my favorite budget-friendly rug sources.

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

  4. I think these are great tips and I love the rug that you chose! The colors are so pretty. Rugs USA is the best!

    Happy day!

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