My site is a work in progress


Hey there friends, just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that I am still here and that  my site is currently  a work in progress.

You may wonder why it is a work in progress after only being around for a year or so. When I started this blog a year ago I was part of a course that taught me how to set up aweber and bluehost.  During the course you had to set up and start your blog.  This was great motivation for me to get started, but left me feeling rushed and unsure of  the direction and design i wanted.

During the year I never really posted much on my blog partly based on fear, but also due to not be being fully satisfied with the appearance of the blog. After much research and consideration I have purchased a header for my blog and am in the process of re-working it.  Thus, being a work in progress.

My desire is that you will enjoy coming to my blog for inspiration, motivation, encouragement, friendship and good old fashioned fun.  I hope that once the blog is reconstructed you will get all those things here and we will become virtual friends.

Stay tuned, and if there are suggestions you have for me, please leave a comment letting me know what they are.

Till next time




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