Small ways to change the trajectory of someones day

Never underestimate how much a small act of kindness can change a persons day or even their life. Doing something for someone you don’t know, without even thinking twice about it, can change the trajectory of their day.

My Wednesday began very abruptly at 1:00 this morning. I woke to my youngest son who was very sick with a stomach bug, not exactly how I had envisioned how our morning would begin. Luckily it seemed to be a quick thing and the day began getting better as his stomach issues subsided. He was feeling better and more like himself. We headed to the local Walmart to get him some ginger ale and bland food to put in his tummy, while getting some much needed fresh air. Things were looking better for the moment.

Things quickly headed south as I was checking out at Walmart and my debit card was declined several times. With no cash, no checkbook and no other means of paying, I apologized profusely to the cashier as well as the women behind me, as I was very embarrassed. Quietly the women behind me stepped up and inserted her card to pay the 46.00 bill. After thanking her repeatedly, I asked for her name and mailing address so that I could mail the money back. She said her name was Becky and that she did not want me to pay her back, but to pay it forward.

Becky had absolutely no idea what my son and I had been through earlier. She had no idea why my card would not go through, it did not appear to matter to her. No questions asked. She helped us, a stranger and her little boy, making a huge impact on us both. My son did not fully understand the magnitude of her action. Surely this will be the topic of many future discussions. I have never had anyone do anything like that for me or anyone that I know, and it changed the way I think about helping others, especially those I don’t know.

Many times in my life I have thought about doing some small act of kindness only to get busy and forget about it, ending up doing nothing at all. Thank you Becky for your kindness, and the gentle reminder that there are good people in the world. I absolutely will pay it forward.

As you go about your everyday, remember we are here to serve one another. One small act of kindness can change a persons day. Go, do some random act of kindness and be blessed by blessing others in some small, quiet way.

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